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Cupcake recipes

Sparkling Cider CupcakesSparkling Cider CupcakesKick off the new year with these tasty cupcakes.recipe
Champagne CupcakesChampagne CupcakesBring in the new year with a bang with these delicious cupcakes.recipe
Chambord CupcakesChambord CupcakesRich cupcakes laced with Chambord are perfect festive season sweets.recipe
Spiced Apple CupcakesSpiced Apple CupcakesSpiced apple cupcakes to warm the coldest of days.recipe
Pancake CupcakesPancake CupcakesPancake cupcakes take a breakfast treat to new heights.recipe
Triple Citrus CupcakesTriple Citrus CupcakesTriple citrus cupcakes to satisfy your tangiest of cravings.recipe
Bellini CupcakesBellini CupcakesBellini cupcakes are a fun mix of peach and champagne.recipe
Key Lime CupcakesKey Lime CupcakesKey lime cupcakes with a distinctly delightful lime bite.recipe
Pina Colada CupcakesPina Colada CupcakesPina colada cupcakes that give you a tropical boozy hit.recipe
Coconut CupcakesCoconut CupcakesCoconut cupcakes that transport you to a tropical paradise.recipe
Mojito CupcakesMojito CupcakesMojito cupcakes for the die hard fans of the mojito cocktail.recipe
Iced Tea CupcakesIced Tea CupcakesIced tea cupcakes with a sharp lemon twist.recipe
Blue Hawaii CupcakesBlue Hawaii CupcakesBlue Hawaii cupcakes are sure to be a boozy party hit.recipe
Red Velvet CupcakesRed Velvet CupcakesClassic red velvet cupcakes with a smooth chocolate flavor.recipe
Espresso CupcakesEspresso CupcakesEspresso cupcakes that give you a strong coffee hit.recipe
Amaretto CupcakesAmaretto CupcakesAmaretto cupcakes bring that strong unique amaretto flavor into a baked treat.recipe
Mudslide CupcakesMudslide CupcakesMudslide cupcakes take classic coffee and chocolate flavors to a boozy level.recipe
Mud CupcakesMud CupcakesRich chocolatey mud cupcakes to satisfy your sweet tooth.recipe
Maple CupcakesMaple CupcakesMaple cupcakes for the ultimate sugar rush.recipe
Christmas Tree CupcakesChristmas Tree CupcakesBrightly decorated cupcakes for your Christmas get togethers.recipe
Margarita CupcakesMargarita CupcakesMargarita cupcakes reminiscent of the bold cocktail.recipe
Peanut Butter Jelly CupcakesPeanut Butter Jelly CupcakesPeanut butter and jelly cupcakes that will make you feel like a kid again.recipe
Snowflake CupcakesSnowflake CupcakesSweeten up your Christmas with these beautiful treats.recipe
Pumpkin Pie CupcakesPumpkin Pie CupcakesPumpkin pie cupcakes are a lovely sweet treat to warm the cooler seasons.recipe
Cosmopolitan CupcakesCosmopolitan CupcakesCosmopolitan cupcakes for the perfect girls night in.recipe
White Chocolate CupcakesWhite Chocolate CupcakesWhite chocolate cupcakes topped with a smooth white chocolate frosting.recipe
Sex On The Beach CupcakesSex On The Beach CupcakesSex on the beach cupcakes will bring a fun fruitiness to any occasion.recipe
Reindeer CupcakesReindeer CupcakesGet the reindeer games rolling this Christmas with these crowd pleasing cupcakes.recipe
Churros CupcakesChurros CupcakesChurros cupcakes that turn any day into a fiesta.recipe
Lemon CupcakesLemon CupcakesLemon cupcakes with a strong zesty hit.recipe
Rum And Coke CupcakesRum And Coke CupcakesRum and coke cupcakes turn a traditional drink into a sweet treat.recipe
Strawberry CupcakesStrawberry CupcakesThese strawberry cupcakes give a big burst of fruity flavor.recipe
Caramel Apple CupcakesCaramel Apple CupcakesCaramel apple cupcakes that bring out the cheeky child within.recipe
Santa Hat CupcakesSanta Hat CupcakesFun strawberry cupcakes for your Christmas parties.recipe
Candy Cane CupcakesCandy Cane CupcakesTreat yourself with these minty Christmas delights.recipe
Cherry Cola CupcakesCherry Cola CupcakesCherry cola cupcakes that zip you into a 1950's diner.recipe
Snowman CupcakesSnowman CupcakesFun and simple cupcakes for your Christmas season.recipe
Banana CupcakesBanana CupcakesSmooth banana cupcakes that the whole family will enjoy.recipe
Eggnog CupcakesEggnog CupcakesGet into the festive spirit with this punchy eggnog cupcake.recipe
Gingerbread CupcakesGingerbread CupcakesTurn the much loved Christmas treat of gingerbread into a yummy cupcake.recipe
Traditional CupcakesTraditional CupcakesTraditional cupcakes that are loved by all.recipe
Chocolate CupcakesChocolate CupcakesTraditional chocolate cupcakes that are sure to be a crowd pleaser.recipe
Very Vanilla CupcakesVery Vanilla CupcakesVery vanilla cupcakes with a very luxurious texture.recipe
Orange CupcakesOrange CupcakesOrange cupcakes with a great tangy flavor.recipe
Oreo CupcakesOreo CupcakesOreo cupcakes. Need we say more.recipe
Lemon Poppy Seed CupcakesLemon Poppy Seed CupcakesLemon poppy seed cupcakes are a deliciously classic flavor combination.recipe
Chocolate Stout and Liqueur CupcakesChocolate Stout and Liqueur CupcakesChocolate stout and liqueur cupcakes to satisfy the Irish in us all.recipe
White Russian CupcakesWhite Russian CupcakesWhite Russian cupcakes with a boozy coffee buttercream.recipe
Cherry Lime CupcakesCherry Lime CupcakesCherry lime cupcakes that are fresh and sweet.recipe
Peaches and Cream CupcakesPeaches and Cream CupcakesPeaches and cream cupcakes with a smooth delicate flavor.recipe
Banana Honey CupcakesBanana Honey CupcakesBanana honey cupcakes that are a family friendly option.recipe
Raspana CupcakesRaspana CupcakesRaspana cupcakes provide a yummy blend of raspberries and bananas.recipe
Orange Choc CupcakesOrange Choc CupcakesOrange choc cupcakes are a fun diabetic friendly option.recipe
Chocolate Mint CupcakesChocolate Mint CupcakesChocolate mint cupcakes that are a much better option than an after dinner mint.recipe
French Toast CupcakesFrench Toast CupcakesFrench toast cupcakes are a naughty breakfast option.recipe
Black Tea CupcakesBlack Tea CupcakesBlack tea cupcakes with a smooth lemon and honey frosting.recipe
Pecan Maple CupcakesPecan Maple CupcakesPecan maple cupcakes that are moist and sweet.recipe
Milk And Cookie CupcakesMilk And Cookie CupcakesMilk and cookie cupcakes are a great treat for young and old.recipe
Pineapple Orange CupcakesPineapple Orange CupcakesPineapple orange cupcakes are a gluten free citrus treat.recipe
Shirley Temple CupcakesShirley Temple CupcakesShirley Temple cupcakes give a cherry burst sure to make you smile.recipe
Lemon Raspberry CupcakesLemon Raspberry CupcakesLemon raspberry cupcakes bring zest and sweet together in a perfect package.recipe
Buttermilk CupcakesButtermilk CupcakesButtermilk cupcakes with a diabetic friendly chocolate frosting.recipe
Oreo Mint CupcakesOreo Mint CupcakesOreo mint cupcakes are a sweet minty treat loved by all.recipe
Biscoff CupcakesBiscoff CupcakesBiscoff cupcakes are cookies disguised as cupcakes.recipe
Rolo CupcakesRolo CupcakesRolo cupcakes with a velvety caramel buttercream.recipe
Berry Tea CupcakesBerry Tea CupcakesBerry tea cupcakes with a unique matcha buttercream.recipe
Apple Blueberry CupcakesApple Blueberry CupcakesThese apple blueberry cupcakes are a fruity gluten free delight.recipe
Strawberry Shortcake CupcakesStrawberry Shortcake CupcakesStrawberry shortcake cupcakes take gluten free baking on a fruity ride.recipe
Ghostly CupcakesGhostly CupcakesGet into the halloween spirit with these frightful bites.recipe
Ginger CupcakesGinger CupcakesGinger cupcakes that are sweet, spicy and gluten free.recipe
Fudge Berry CupcakesFudge Berry CupcakesFudge berry cupcakes and are rich, diabetic friendly treat.recipe
White Blueberry CupcakesWhite Blueberry CupcakesWhite blueberry cupcakes are a diabetic friendly sweet treat.recipe
Peanut Butter CupcakesPeanut Butter CupcakesPeanut butter cupcakes are a nutty treat sure to please.recipe
Pecan Caramel CupcakesPecan Caramel CupcakesPecan caramel cupcakes are a super sweet nutty delight.recipe
Mummy CupcakesMummy CupcakesWrap up halloween with these fun and tasty treats.recipe
Wicked Witch CupcakesWicked Witch CupcakesWickedly fun halloween treats.recipe
Thanksgiving Pilgrim CupcakesThanksgiving Pilgrim CupcakesAdd some fun to your Thanksgiving table with these sweet treats.recipe
Thanksgiving Sweet Potato CupcakesThanksgiving Sweet Potato CupcakesBake a sweet potato casserole into a cupcake this Thanksgiving.recipe
Thanksgiving Turkey CupcakesThanksgiving Turkey CupcakesColorful and fun cupcakes for your Thanksgiving spread.recipe
Ginger Berry CupcakesGinger Berry CupcakesGinger berry cupcakes are a perfect spicy fruity blend.recipe
Nutella CupcakesNutella CupcakesCupcakes full of sweet, nutty nutella.recipe
Hummingbird CupcakesHummingbird CupcakesThis classic fruit and nut combination is a proven crowd-pleaser.recipe