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Lime cupcakes

Triple Citrus CupcakesTriple Citrus CupcakesTriple citrus cupcakes to satisfy your tangiest of cravings.recipe
Key Lime CupcakesKey Lime CupcakesKey lime cupcakes with a distinctly delightful lime bite.recipe
Mojito CupcakesMojito CupcakesMojito cupcakes for the die hard fans of the mojito cocktail.recipe
Margarita CupcakesMargarita CupcakesMargarita cupcakes reminiscent of the bold cocktail.recipe
Cosmopolitan CupcakesCosmopolitan CupcakesCosmopolitan cupcakes for the perfect girls night in.recipe
Cherry Lime CupcakesCherry Lime CupcakesCherry lime cupcakes that are fresh and sweet.recipe